3 July 2023


Olmet Italy: over 60 years of experience in the plant sector of concrete manufactures

Olmet Italy has been designing and manufacturing machinery and plants for precasting concrete elements since 1961. The company is based in Treviso and its target market is mainly foreign. Today Olmet Italy is present in more than 70 countries with more than 1,200 installations worldwide. The company creates flexible, versatile and highly-customized solutions, which can respond to a market in constant evolution.

«Our plants allow the operational efficiency improvement, by monitoring the work process and allowing the punctual and accurate work completion. Each solution is custom-designed for every individual buyer» says CEO Alberto Tedesco. «Our experience allows us to offer the most appropriate technologies to produce precasting concrete components.

We use the latest generation softwares to design individual equipment or entire plant, simulating the real operation. We focus on construction 4.0. We aim for innovation, quality and precision, which characterize the field of precast. We are constantly working to increase the technical and aesthetic performance, without forgetting important issues such as energy efficiency and sustainability.