Formworks for columns

The formworks for columns or pillars are extremely versatile and easy-to-use machines. 

The fast assembling system for formwork components to manufacture the console or to change the pre-cast element section, allows to change even every day the type of element to be manufactured.

The rubber-steel profile with triangle chamfer having section 10 x 10 , 15 x 15 or 20 x 20 mm. with 45° angle makes the corners perfectly sealed. It is possible to manufacture also columns with sharp edges by using rubber-steel gaskets.

The unlocking/locking movements of the side elements or shutters and the bottom plate lifting to change the section are operated by means of advanced handling systems.

The electrical vibration system combined with a suitably designed structure enables the customer to manufacture a high quality pre-cast concrete product while reducing the noise level to a minimum.

The concrete curing is accelerated by means of heating the formwork by steam circulating inside finned pipes positioned along the side elements. The concrete temperature curve is controlled by the computerized control and data surveying system.

Technical details:

  • Length of casting decks (long lines); from 20 to 100 mt.
  • Sections that can be manufactured: min. 30 x 30 cm. to max. 100 x 100 cm.
  • Electro-hydraulic automatic, mechanical or manual handling installations.
  • Casting-side plate having 6/8 mm thickness, in accordance with the customer’s preferences.

Precast elements

By these precasting technological solutions you can manufacture precast elements such as the following: