Long-lines / horizontal decks

Long-lines or horizontal decks are the ideal formworks for manufacturing flat elements as slabs, solid walls and multi-layer panels with passive or pre-stressed reinforcement.
The system is very flexible, allowing to manufacture elements of various thicknesses, widths and lengths. These installations are manufactured according to each customer’s specific requirements.
The maximum length of these systems is 150 mt, therefore enabling a daily production output of over 350 sq.mt.
It is possible to equip these side and longitudinal formwork systems with:

  • hydraulic tilting system, variable in height;
  • hydraulic handling system, movable in width;
  • lower/upper rubber-steel gaskets;
  • special design mouldings;
  • handling management by remote control.

It is possible to integrate this system with:

  • concrete compaction system with pneumatic vibrating installation;
  • concrete compaction system by electric, high-frequency radio controlled vibrating installation;
  • accelerated concrete curing system by using steam, water, oil or electricity. Electronic management of curing cycles;
  • special casting mouldings with magnetic fixing system;

OLMET ITALY equipment is manufactured from high quality casting side plates of 10 mm. thickness, designed for lasting and guaranteed to manufacture elements having low tolerance of dimensional variations.

It is possible to implement the automation of the installation by adding complementary equipment such as:

  • cleaning / oiling machine;
  • plotter;
  • concrete distributor;
  • smoothing / trowel machine.

This increased degree of automation makes it possible to increase productivity while saving on labour costs.

Self-reacting long-line formworks or with external head-elements

The formworks to manufacture pre-stressed slabs (long-lines) can be manufactured by means of two different alternative concepts:

  • formworks with stressing and slackening heads (buttresses) external to the formwork itself, embedded into the reinforced industrial floor that is specially designed and carried out (mainly inside pits under the floor level);
  • self-reacting formworks, i.e. complete with stressing and slackening heads built-in the formwork itself; they are very sturdy structures made to resist the stressing force of the strands, so as to  prevent any deformation / cambering.

Such systems do feature different advantages, thus, based on the customer’s requirements, it is possible to select the most appropriate solution.

As far as long-lines for slabs are concerned, the self-reacting systems is more widely used, so the formwork is complete with the stressing and slackening heads along with the corresponding protective meshes and it requires neither any special flooring, nor civil works.

Precast elements

By these precasting technological solutions you can manufacture precast elements such as the following:

Solid wall panels

Double-wall panels

Sandwich / multi-layer panels