Formworks for foundation poles

The formworks for manufacturing foundation poles (with passive reinforcement or pre-stressed) are battery-type systems offering noteworthy advantages in terms of production output quantities, speed and product quality.

They do consist of:

  • a base framework manufactured from longitudinal and transverse commercial profiles of huge thickness, suitable to bear the effects of vibration;
  • the required number of cavities with a tray-shape (having a fixed dimension square section, with the minimum slope required for demoulding);
  • the corresponding set of “double-face” casting separators (flat at one edge and tapered at the other one);
  • vibrating installation and accelerated curing installation.

The battery formworks for poles can also be equipped with stressing/slackening heads to manufacture pre-stressed poles.
Also battery formworks for the production of poles are used at best along with specifically designed operating machines (auxiliary machines and equipment) which can ensure the best results in terms of productivity and quality standards.

Precast elements

By these precasting technological solutions you can manufacture precast elements such as the following:

Foundation poles