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Vertical battery formwork with no. 6 + 6 casting cavities for manufacturing concrete panels

Formwork for the production of reinforced concrete foundation poles

Revolutionary 3D adjustable bybox formwork

Hydraulic formworks to manifacture staricase elements

Olmet precasting installation in Kazakhstan

Self-propelling electric trailers

Olmet pallet circulation system / carousel plant in U.K.

Battery Formwork for manufacturing foundation poles

@ Olmet: Manufacturing and testing of vertical battery formwork

Olmet Italy 2020: Cutting-edge technologies catering for the precasting industry worldwide

@Olmet workshop: Manufacturing and testing our new UNIVERSAL TILTER before shipment to Singapore. January 2020

Manufacturing formworks to build single-block villa modules in Saudi Arabia

3D designing of formworks to build single-block villa modules in Saudi Arabia

Olmet precasting equipment @ASTANA, Kazakhstan

Pre-testing of special single-block element formworks for Australia

Pre-testing of vertical battery formwork for wall panels

Manufacturing and testing our equipment before shipment

Equipment in action at Samara, Russian Federation

Equipment in action at Kirov, Russian Federation

Corporate video Olmet Italy

Latest machinery for laser shearing

A taste of Olmet Italy designing capabilities

Putevi Uzice - "Skolkovo" project in Moscow, Russia

Pallet circulation system / carousel plant

TV report on Olmet Italy installations in Belarus