3 August 2020

New markets in Kazakhstan for Olmet Italy

One month ago our assembling specialist fled to Kazakhstan, on a private aircraft, for the installation of new Olmet equipment.

Today the whole production line consists of:

  • No. 1 Vertical Battery formwork with no. 10 + 4 cavities (dim. 7.330 x 3.100 mm) for manufacturing panels and ventilation blocks (in two different types);
  • No. 2 Self-moving concrete distributors for precise pouring of concrete for 2m3 capacity;
  • No. 2 Hydraulic operated tilting tables – dim. 11.90×4.0 mt.

See our latest video on this installation.

Now the installation is fully operational, a real success for Olmet Italy, an Italian brand distinguishing itself for the dynamicity and a working team focused on the final target: making the customer deeply satisfied.